Iriedaily ● Crazy Fresh Knit + Rastron Hip Bag

Iriedaily has his own flavor and nobody can deny it. Being from Berlin, a crucial cultural center when it comes to street related movements, the brand founded in 1994 developed his own style, turning external influences and trends into pure inspiration.

Outdoor, 90s patterns and retro sweaters for a cozy sensation all come into play for the outfit that we are checking out today. With the intent to overcharge its visual impact here, I picked two different items with the same pattern. For these crazy Fall days what could ever be fresher than these warm tones?!

Urban apparel evolution is displayed at you by this ensemble composed by Crazy Fresh Knit with Rastron Hip Bag, a bum bag worn as a crossbody bag. The inspiration can be traced back to those multipattern sweaters that Biggie Smalls used to wear rather than to a hip hop style milestone known as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

A sprinkle of original sportswear can also be seen here, with the use of the same pattern all over an entire line, covering in this case the jacquard pullover and the bag, like a tennis coordinate. Not by accident this is part of “Modern vintage” section of the new season.

Know your history, they say and Iriedaily history is knee deep into this streetwear thing as we know it today but it was founded with the original principles of street life. Quality for right pricing, sustainable production and the mandatory involvement in activisim against racism show why Iriedaily is an original player of the streetwear game, making it all make sense. Quite daring in our nonsense era…

Daring is the game when these abstract patterns turn you into an instant street art lover, letting these geometric shapes impress everyone you meet.

The tech sheet of Rastron Hip Bag says that this item is made of lightweight recycled polyester. Small and water repellent, it seems the ideal solution to carry the essential “wallet / smartphone / keys” combination on daily basis. Like it wasn’t enough, it is even a Peta approved vegan item, another crucial aspect in Iriedaily production.

Be a shock on the block when you rock these items. If you can’t pay a visit to Berlin, Kreuzberg based Iriedaily Flagship Store, you can always do your online shopping from Iriedaily website.

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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