Iriedaily ● Crazy Fresh + Theodore Socks

Did you think that socks are not important? Are you living in the woods thinking that while cotton socks are still the best thing to wear (so you usually buy a 3 pack)? Things evolved quite a bit in this category and Iriedaily sure can’t be caught off guard when it comes to a crispy pair of socks.

In this second post of the “all Iriedaily accessories” special week, I wanted to have an insight on this part of the outfit often neglected but whose importance is not to be taken lightly. It is something that others see just as you do. It may be a very little part of it showing, among the sneaker and the hem of your pants, yet it is perceived, therefore allowing you to do the best thing with your outfit: to have fun.

Under my inspection today there are Crazy Fresh and Theodore socks. If you look closely, the first is the same pattern that we saw yesterday on the Iriedaily x Mizu bottle, in a different colorway. The second shares the color palette with the Theodore Pocket tee that I showed you recently.

The outcome is that Iriedaily is approaching these accessories in the right way: creating cohesive collections whose patterns reflect the vibe of the designers.

Inspired by an 80’s vibe, with a design among pop art and art-deco these socks are simply hard to resist and you can decide to wear them just as you feel.

Do you feel like matching every hint of color? Go for it! Do you prefer to rock your socks with no link to the rest of your outfit? Why not! You may even dare and mismatch them, like I did in my first picture if you love to generate strong emotions.

These are intarsia knitted socks with contrasting toe and heel whose cotton blend also contain the needed elasthane to make them stretch just as you like. Go give a look to all the socks on Iriedaily website and you will be pleasantly surprised but what you will find. Don’t go anywhere: in two days I will show you something else equally important to end this special week with a true Berliner flavor.

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