Iriedaily ● Daily Flag tee + Daily Club snapback

This outfit by Iriedaily actually opened up my eyes all of a sudden: there is more on a tee than its print. I realized that beside a million of black t-shirts, half a million of grey ones and ten thousand white tees I rarely wear other colors when it comes to this part of my outfit.

Fortunately this brand is giving me a helping hand, showing me that there is a way to show your mood beyond the snapback/sneakers match that seems to be my everyday mission. Now that I think about it, it’s since the first time ever that I posted about Iriedaily that this brand gave me the suggestion to wear colorful t-shirts.

It’s not only about the color: here the good Claudio Z is wearing a Daily Flag tee that represents Edward Bulwer Lytton strong statement “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword”. Don’t ask me what I think about it: did you forget that you read five of my posts each week?

This quote in favor of culture instead of war is only right if you think that Iriedaily calls Berlin home. In this European capital culture, art and creativity in general are encouraged to the maximum in the name of the freedom that this brand represents .

To make this tee stand out as it should you can increase its impact with this Daily Club snapback. A small crown together with a little woven label on the front of the crown make up for a great headwear piece.

Check the back and tell me if Iriedaily isn’t about that freedom I told you above…
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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