Iriedaily ● Flag Dad Cap

I posted so many caps in these ten plus years that you could call this blog capsamillion. I seriously lost counts but I know for sure that I had a ride that was all but boring. I started when a fitted cap was the freshest thing that you could lay on your head then the snapback became heavily en vogue.

The sharpest the flat visor, the better, not to mention that the crown had to be low and stiff. Contrast visor? Keep them coming! Floral pattern crowns? Of course. Then you had the niche of 5 panel caps that never went down as a trend, being such a particular shape. One day somebody woke up with a strong retro fever and said: all we need is an unstructured twill cap and a curved visor, like in the early 90s. Let’s call it Dad Cap.

It has been the craze ever since, you saw in these last seasons all brands compete to give you to the ultimate dad cap, the one that had the best washing, the smallest embroidery the best curve of the visor . In the meantime, after a while, it seems like all the above mentioned caps are re-gaining momentum for an ideal scenario for you, my reader. Yes, nowadays you have the widest range available so feel free to rock what fits your lifestyle.

Iriedaily has always been a brand that lets you be all you want to be. With a wide range including everything you may need to feel at your best in the streets, the brand from Berlin with Flag Dad Cap gives you an opportunity to be “in the know”. Just throw this headwear item on your dome piece and wear it as you feel. Delicate matchings are welcome considering how easy would be to pair this cap to current sneakers or even to Nomado Jacket to take it to the next level.

Browse Iriedaily website and you will see how easy is to relate to the taste of this brand (and its price range makes it even easier).

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