Iriedaily ● GSE 2.0 Track Jacket

It’s good to hear again from out friends at Iriedaily and guess what? They have been missing from my blog for a minute and now they have nothing but good news.

If you are familiar with the city of Berlin, the place that this brand calls home since day one, then you know that Kreutzberg is the place to be. With its cozy vibe, this part of town is a reference worldwide if someone wants to stroll around having a good vibe. Eventually Iriedaily opened its flagship store there and considering the bad period that retail is having, this is totally awesome.

A brick and mortar store is crucial for the culture because it goes beyond selling and buying. It’s here that you tell tales of that skate session or of the new street art piece that you created, rather than giving a report about the last music event you attended. Too bad that the proliferation of online websites doesn’t allow this…

The second news concerns a very important birthday: Iriedaily is now 25 years old. That’s why to celebrate a quarter of century the brand decided to open the vault where the archive is. What is simply surprising is the fact that Jaybo, Iriedaily OG co-founder, created designs back then that are more than contemporary today.

Belonging to the capsule called “Authenticschool 2.0“, this GSE 2.0 Track Jacket is closer to a windbreaker than to a top to play sports. Its cut & sew design is really well executed and as you can see from these shots of Ianuz A, your Spring would be a waste if this piece is missing from your closet.

Look how this jacket with its claim on the back becomes a billboard for individuality, far from a simple garment to cover your body. Kinda like a brick and mortar shop is different from online shopping.

Well, if you live far from Kreutzberg by the way, you can always rely on Iriedaily website but promise us that you will visit the shop soon with your own street culture related tales. Deal?
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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