Iriedaily ● Irieversity Jacket

Aren’t you crazy about Migos “Bad and Bougie”?! Genius says that the opening bar can be explained like this: “Raindrop” and “drip” are slang terms for water, which is slang for ice or diamonds. Offset could also be referring to the weather while sitting in his drop-top convertible car”. Now let me ask: dear Offset, what would you do if you had a bicycle instead of a drop top white BMW? I know the answer: you would wear an Iriedaily jacket.

Berlin is not so fashionable like Milan or Paris can be, it’s a more practical city. This urban conglomerate has no car pride like the other two cities but rather a bicycle pride. That’s why to represent the product of such environment I made sure that my friend Davide F came to the shooting with his two wheels.

You know the streetwear brand that calls Berlin home, right? We checked a few items from its last collection and we are about to do it again, starting with this Irieversity jacket.

Iriedaily dropped a street smart item here. Its waterproof and breathable fabric (2000 mm/br) with its matte look is what you want to wear when facing rainy weather. Its cuffs and hem have that stripe positioned way low, rather than centered: the kind of details that drive me crazy.

Waterproof zippers? Yessir.

Ready to match your camouflage cargo pants or your army green adidas, you can’t deny that this jacket speaks proper street slang. No surprise considering that Iriedaily came from nothing to something, just like Migos.

If you got 30s and 100 rounds too go check Iriedaily website then…

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