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Fortunately a few Iriedaily squad members know me personally for a few years now, otherwise I wouldn’t open a post giving the middle finger to my readers. Actually the adressees of this “f___ you” are several.

First and foremost this is my feeling towards this Winter that will be over in a matter of days. Because of this reason no more beanies will be posted for now on The Maxiemillion, I really can’t stand this cold season with few hours of light anymore. I know, it’s because I’m getting old…

Then of course a big f___ you goes out to everybody’s new topic of discussion: COVID-19. Everybody is an expert because he spent the last week peeping all the news flash. What a coincidence: scientists that studied all their life don’t know what to do with this virus… I wish of course everyone (me included) the best. Let me avoid the drop of “motivational” quotes or hashtags: I can’t forsesee what will happen in the future and this is a good reason to remain silent about it.

How about giving a f___ you to the actual state of streetwear? High fashion is paying your favorite blogs to let you perceive their distorted advertorial reality as the truth. Little problem: being from the old school I do not need the teaching of a 25 years old web journalist to explain me street style. Street has a newfound appeal towards the masses, this is the reason why you had during recent MFW a brand with zero street heritage a fashion show with skateboarders. Know your roots, do your researches and read between the li(n)es of brands that are projecting an image versus those that actually layed the foundations of this streetwear phenomenon that nowadays is getting mass appeal.

Iriedaily never faked the funk: the brand from Berlin stayed true to street activities since the start and was a pioneer of the interchange among music and street art, welcoming skateboarding with open arms respecting its culture. Time to put away that middle finger and give a warm welcome to the new Spring 20 season, already online on Iriedaily website.

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