Iriedaily ● Kreuzkoelln Beanie Nvy

We ventured for the whole week up and down on Iriedaily accessories range and at this point I thought that in order to give it justice, a beanie couldn’t be left out.

Technically it may not be an accessory but an “headwear piece” but then again, headwear is… a big family of accessories. If I think about it, memories of a Berlin trip during the Winter remind me that during that period a beanie is mandatory unless you don’t want to get brain freeze. It gets so cold that it’s hard to survive without a warm cap. This is the reason why Iriedaily has to be considered an excellence in this field.

It was an year ago when I last posted Kreuzkoelln Beanie Blk and this is why Kreuzkoelln Beanie Nvy makes the difference: you have the chance to wear it with a touch of finesse. If black is fashionable, gothic, punk and overall aggressive, this shade of navy is the color of Marines uniforms, real workwear jackets, men’s blazers and represents a choice of taste.

Isn’t it the way skaters of the new school dress these days? A navy beanie with a white shirt and baggy cutoffs chinos?! In this case to explore the full potential of this item I contextualized in a chill walk through the park and it totally passed the test. Short and folded, this accessory has a woven label stitched on the front that speaks volumes about the intentions of the brand: the pen is mightier than the sword. These words, originally written in 1839 in the historical play Cardinal Richelieu by novelist and playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton, fit the modus operandi of this brand, staying true to the game since the start.

It is the only approach that Iriedaily knows: if it’s streetwear it has to represent a movement not just drop apparel items. Urban music, street art and skateboarding were part of the foundation of this brand at the very beginning and it never changed. Only add a much needed contemporary sustainable approach and now the picture is complete. Roll with a beanie , no matter the season: it looks so timeless.

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