Iriedaily ● Kreuzkoelln Beanie

There are two kinds of people when it comes to headwear: those that wear a cap in order to protect their head and those that think that headwear is an exact science. I created this blog and kept it online for ten long years (or better yet eleven, in a matter of days) for the second option.

Those that do not think that it’s a matter of “wearing a brand” but rather those that want to “look good in their outfit”, being conscious at the same time of what they wear, are those that enjoy my blog. There is a research that I do on daily basis in order to keep you close to the streets and far from what multimillion blogs suggest you to wear, in order to drain your wallet.

Iriedaily incarnates to the fullest my way of thought. Not by accident its claim is “stay different” instead of “buy all this or you won’t be cool”. At a correct quality / price rate this brand from Berlin suggests you every season contemporary ways to create outfits that put you in the right perspective. In order to do so, what truly makes the difference is color coordination, also know as matching. Such technique is everything but there is a thin line about matching too much and creating a mix of colors that has sense.

Now this Kreuzkoelln Beanie is the headwear piece that is able to boost your matching game. A folded beanie with sailor style like this is one of the most in demand caps for the winter. Its colorway is ready to meet a jacket whose color palette has that vintage flavor that exploits to the fullest its potential. I am thinking of Contraster jacket rather than Santania, that I showed you here not long ago.

With its ribbed construction, you can wear this over your ears when it’s cold like now, otherwise you can leave it loose when temperature rises but this beanie is destined to be your companion for many months to come. How about asking one to Santa?

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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