Iriedaily ● Liberteria tee

Don’t think of Iriedaily as a clothing brand. It is rather a unit of friends working together giving you a few concepts in form of apparel. All this without forgetting to dress you in a sharp street style, whose price is reasonable.


The Berlin ensemble laid its foundation on two main principles: genuine fun and a big middle finger to the establishment. How could it be any different if you can call your hometown a place that is the craddle of European freedom? Born in 1994 with a strong street art influence due to art director Jaybo, Iriedaily is synonymous with a carefree attitude that made the brand gain a loyal following through the years.

It couldn’t be any different when you think that its items always showed a correct quality / price rate in order to give you what you deserve. It may be a track jacket with a contemporary color palette, rather than a tough parka to endure Winter weather but nothing is missing in what I consider one of the top European streetwear brand.

It’s when you look at its graphic content that you can feel the non conformist approach of the brand towards issues that go beyond apparel, like in the case of this Liberteria tee. The United States of America, that dare to call itself “land of the free”, may be playing you to think this concept is the truth, but no other country worship capitalism like this. That’s why following its “Stay Different” claim, Iriedaily tell you to think with your own mind and go free yourself, with this graphic design by illustrious illustrator Louis Otis.

With a very simple but effective outline this t-shirt printed front and back tells people exactly where you stand when topics like freedom and truth come along. This cotton tee is completely vegan and it is now available on Iriedaily website for all those that prefer to stand out, rather than conform. Once you browse the site you will be surprised to see that what I wrote here above is… 100% true.

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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