Iriedaily ● New Momentum hoodie

Iriedaily is a natural player of the streetwear game. The unit from Berlin behind this brand has been part of this side of fashion for decades, before it was borrowed (well, shall I say… copied?) by high fashion because of its genuine coolness and deep inspiration.

That’s basically the reason of the longevity of the brand: having the squad out in the streets frequently it’s easy to catch the vapors of what’s next and how to make it fit to the style of the brand.

I noticed in recent times that hoodies are gaining again the attention, after the crewneck has been the fleece of choice for a while. With this said the hood gets the spotlight because of its strategic placement in your outfit outside the jacket on the back, close to your neck. This allows this part of the fleece to tell more about you without taking the jacket off as you can see on this New Momentum Hoodie.

But Iriedaily went the extra mile here, adding not only a little screen printed branding with the official pen and sword logo on the chest but also a bold print on sleeves.

Black like the code of the streets suggests since day one, this item also available in an Aubergine tone is ready to stand out once you take the jacket off, creating a sort of surprise effect. But peeping these shots of Luis M it it’s evident that this hoodie looks real good even on its own, when you will wear it in a warmer climate, in a few months.

Ready for all kind of street activities, you can wear this item to go shopping at the newly opened Iriedaily shop in Wien. Do you prefer skateboarding, just like Guido Zanotto does on Italian turf? Or BMXing like a champ called Lara Wessman, fresh of a Gold medal in Buenos Aires. So Iriedaily is dynamic while high fashion isn’t. Beside the price, that’s exactly the main difference…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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