Iriedaily ● Old Fella shirt

I posted a few pieces by Iriedaily recently, did you peep them already? To give justice to apparel I shall dress men in mens clothing and the same for women but basically people at Iriedaily are… irie. This means that I can break this rule, if I do it for a reason.

The reason is that I wanted to give you the cinematic idea that our friend Cristina T stole the shirt to her man, just because when she is in the mood, she dresses in mens clothing. This item is called Old Fella shirt probably because it is the outfit that you would wear to go to the pub to meet your old schoolmate. Anyway you can do way more with this shirt.

I kid you not when I tell you that I saw recently a shop keeper of an high end store wearing one. But the flannel shirt has an history that runs deep in the pages of streetwear history book. From Suicidal Tendencies to Skrillex via Nirvana, from the skatepark to the office, the occasions to wear a flannel are endless nowadays. Especially if it’s an Iriedaily one.

The brand from Berlin worked in a smart way on this item. Just two colors that give life to a cool pattern, a woven label with the pen and sword logo that we already  know and a proper cut. Check closely its details and from the hem to the back there is no weak spot in this shirt. No need to meet an old fella to wear one but pay attention: your girl will steal it from you.
Photos courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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