Iriedaily ● On Top Hood Jacket

It is a delicate moment during the year: days are shorter, temperature is colder and Santa is about to deliver. What should we do better than look around and pick the ideal Christmas gift, asking to this year a cozy sensation just to feel better?

Iriedaily knows what’s right for you in this case and its name is On Top Hood Jacket. The Berliner brand, that recently surprised every reader of The Maxiemillion with a smashing outfit composed by Santania Jacket and Kreuzkoelln Beanie, is back and like last time its proposal is hard to resist.

True to the streets from the start, this brand is able to design contemporary apparel whose urban appeal is of course getting inspiration from retro outdoor, like it’s en vogue these days.

On Top Hood Jacket is a 100% vegan item entirely made of polyester that, beside its lining, is the byproduct of those plastic PET bottles that you accurately separate from the rest of your waste. Recycled polyester is another act of love for the planet by Iriedaily: beside recycling properly, it achieved Leader Status at Fair Wear Foundation, an independent and non-profit organization that works for better working conditions and processes in the production facilities of the textile industry.

Back to our crisp jacket, its versatility is its key factor. Imagine this item in a multilayer outfit when it gets really cold but also as a fresh mid season jacket when temperature is not so harsh and it’s easy to figure out that you will wear this hoodie over and over.

A basic color palette such as black and white gets interrupted by a multicolor tape whose pattern with triangles couldn’t be more restro fresh.

With its hood that went under a waterproof treatment this urban garment shows no weak spots, considering that it also features an internal pocket, beside the zippered one on the chest.

It’s time to stop getting brainwashed by hype: better give back to the brands that make moves in function of a better planet, possibly full of people with flawless outfits. You can find this item and much more on Iriedaily website, just pass Santa the link here below…

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