Iriedaily ● Prime Hood Jacket

It’s not written anywhere but everybody in Berlin (and many others around Europe) knows: Iriedaily is mad real. It is not something that happened in fortnight. Do you remember that recently I posted a few items like GSE 2.0 Track Jacket, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the brand?

Staying close to the streets may seem complicated in Berlin but not for this native brand: Iriedaily moved its first steps in streetwear creating merchandising for alternative music… Then you can’t really separate street style from street art in this city, and on this subject Dave The Chimp is down with Iriedaily, to name one.

This city has fame for being “alternative transportation friendly” with bikes in every street but even skateboarding is strongly supported, with Patrick Rogalski being part of Iriedaily skate team. In our corner of Europe called Italy, skateboarding gets represented by tech wonderboy Guido Zanotto.

There are so many activities that Iriedaily actively participates in and this is what streetwear evolution should bring us: a brand that cares about true aspects of the culture and provides apparel to look good in all of them.

If we talk looking good I need your attention to focus on these shots. Prime Hood Jacket here worn by Luis M is able to make you look good in all the above mentioned situation, from the skatepark to the art show, with a party at the club right after. Based on the color block design, this jacket is your ideal item when it’s windy but not too cold. Put your belongings in the side pockets that will take care of it with velcro closures. Protect yourself from water, wind and unwanted lurkers with the hood that you can make it fit to your head with a branded elastic string.

No matter what your main field of interest is, this brand got your back. Give a look to its jackets section on Iriedaily website and you will be surprised by the many options are available (with a quality / price rate that works in your favor).
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