Iriedaily ● Prime Track Jacket

I could not tell that this was an Iriedaily track jacket. I thought it was a windbreaker but at this point I’m asking you: what is the difference when it comes to practical use? Both are lightweight jackets to wear in the streets or on the track field when warming up, rather than on a skateboard when it’s windy. These days both categories inspire each other with color blocks and retro vibes.


Who is getting advantage of this situation? You, my reader. Nowadays you have plenty of choice to have a current street style and this Prime Track Jacket represents a win / win situation. The first time you win when you pay it, with a quality / price rate that makes this item closer to a crewneck rather than a jacket.


The second time is when you wear it, with a sharp style that looks so good that no zone of the city is off limit to you. The brand from Berlin whose logo includes a pen and a sword, polished its blade for years to get to where it is. 25 years spent to understand how to look brilliant in the streets without forgetting function and price point.


There is the concept developed by Iriedaily: you can be truly yourself when you wear items by this brand. It’s not a hip hop brand or a skate brand or a progressive brand: it’s all the above plus some.


Peep Luis M wearing this item and you can figure out all the outfits you want, being the color palette of this nylon jacket essential and easy to wear.


Complete with two zippers on the side, feel free to put in your keys, phone and wallet without losing them.


Look at the camouflage panel with the branding and you will find yourself wanting to wear this jacket all the time. Nothing is wrong with this and Iriedaily couldn’t agree more of course. Take some time to browse the website of this European leader brand: your only risk is finding yourself wanting to cop everything.

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