Iriedaily ● Resort Bucket Hat + Resort Shirt + Streetz Hip Bag

Hardly any brand can represent Berlin like Iriedaily does. Do you remember Jim Jones album “Product of my environment”? If Harlem is the land of ballin’ MCs and streetwear styles that are hard to duplicate, the German capital is more an area that is quick to pick up trends in order to put local flavor in it. It is a matter of adaptation of American standards to the city where European creativity flows the most.

This means that while it is not the first time that I post an Hawaiian style shirt (whose traction is more than contemporary these days) this is not a a family of patterns to be taken lightly.

Iriedaily picked the idea just to make it different. It is not by accident that the claim of the brand is “Stay different”. The OG brand was born in an historical moment where streetwear wasn’t popular like it is today and even if times changed (a lot) it is still in the same perspective in the eyes of the designers.

Because of this modus operandi the brand avoided cool looking flowers and went the hard way, with an Atzec inspiration that leads to a color palette that screams 80’s outdoor. Go in your granparents garage and if you ever find a backpack of that period you will find the same colors. Shades of brown in the Summer is kind of a daring choice but if you stay different it is mandatory to do what others don’t.

We are giving a look to a retro pattern that creates a total look composed by Resort Bucket Hat, Resort Shirt and Streetz Hip Bag.

The cap is reversible, to give you one extra option in case you don’t feel like rocking the whole look.

For what concerns the shirt, its viscose fabric is lightweight and pleasant to touch, making you fresh in any sense of the adjective.

Can you think of going out without a hip bag? Of course not! This is one is light and resistant but it’s not all: it’s made of polyesther whose source is recycled PET. This makes you easy to understand why this brand is a member of Fair Wear Foundation. In this European environment… you can’t do any better than Iriedaily!

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