Iriedaily ● Rosebong Crew

Quite a few years passed since I heard that Cypress Hill joint “Hits from the bong” from the first time but such tool to inhale magic fumes never gets old. I will never forget that night about 18 years ago when a friend let me imitate my South Central idols but the result is that he prepared something so strong that it literally cut down my legs. I had to lay down for a couple of hours, not feeling bad or worried but totally drained of my energy that slowly came back to me.

Iriedaily is more poetic than me with this Rosebong Crew, envisioning another way to make good use of a bong when no stoners are in sight. Before you thought that a bong had to be for that use and that use only but this graphic design puts in your face another reality. There is a huge metaphor that Iriedaily kindly explained you in the circle around the water pipe: dedicated to those that believe in our attitude of staying different.

If streetwear without culture is just fashion, Iriedaily did it right since day one. Always with an eye on fabrics and the other on the streets, the Berlin squad behind this brand made sure to create a brand that is the actual representation of their passion for street related activities. It all started with music and with time it branched out to street art, skateboarding and even social awareness. Like it happened recently with the Sustainable Campaign Release Party that recently went down at the main flagship store of the brand, in a true Berliner way.

Member of Fair Wear Foundation, Iriedaily takes every aspect of production in its hands, making sure workers live a respectful and decent life.

Now if you want to support this brand copping Rosebong Crew, because you feel the brilliant contrast among aqua green and burgundy of this crewneck, you know that your support goes in the right direction.

It’s not that difficult to be different: it is enough to try to see things from another perspective…

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