Iriedaily ● Rosomako 2.0 shirt

I may start lacking inspiration soon but not today. When I look at these shots of my dear friend Halidou I just can’t wait to tell you all about today’s shirt.

Are you familiar with the brand from Berlin called Iriedaily, right? I posted it here for several seasons already, but also for several reasons. We both push and embrace the “street” part of the word streetwear, thinking that every item should have its reason to be there, functional to original street activities. Be it urban music, street art, skateboarding, Iriedaily has love for it. With its own distinct taste, always ready to catch the vapors of what is fresh and functional, this brand puts its own twist to it since 1994. As a final note its reasonable pricing contributes to the perception of apparel that you wear with pleasure.

If there is a category never neglected at Iriedaily that is shirts. Berlin people find flannels effective for the lifestyle that the city has to offer, always ready to make the transaction from the studio to the bar for drinks after work (and in better days even a night of first class underground clubbing). Remember when I posted my first Iriedaily shirt a few seasons ago?

This Rosomako 2.0 shirt is the result of a smart intuition, now that outdoor has the main traction style wise.

That is the reason why the Dark Rum colorway of this item evokes Alpine scenarios and mountain trails rather than Irish tartans of London punks in Carnaby street at the end of the 70s.

Now punk is dead, 2020 calls for more obscure hypnotic sounds and tell me if this isn’t the kind of rugged shirt that you see La Flame aka Travis Scott wearing on the regular?!

This checked heavy cotton flannel is perfect to be worn over a long sleeve tee when it is not too cold. Try to play with sizing a bit and this is ready to become a “coach jacket like” item that you can rock with a hoodie.

Are you a lover enough to understand the potential of this item? I’m sure you are. Connect directly with the brand through Iriedaily website: inspiration is not lacking there either…

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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