Iriedaily ● RxI Jacket + Block Steady Trainer + Get Down Track Pant

Iriedaily loves The Maxiemillion vibe so much that this time I’m doing something that I think I never did before, breaking new terrain. Not only I’m featuring two male friends which I do for the first time whose names are Lorenzo T and Ianuz A, but I’m also blending a jacket of a rad collab project with a track jacket and a track pant showing you not one, not two but three items at the same time!

Before I go on talking about these items, watching at all the pictures I crack a smile because without even realizing it before I totally nailed Iriedaily vibe. No matter if one of you is a skater and the other is a DJ or a graphic designer that pedals his way to the studio: the brand that calls Berlin home envisions a world of unity rather than a world of divisions.

RxI Jacket is the name of the black coach jacket that I literally fell in love with. The collab of Radio Skateboards with Iriedaily, two of the main skateboard brands from Berlin that ended up skateboarding Paris together, is a whole capsule from where I picked up this garment. You may not care but I lived in Paris two years and that city holds a very special place in my heart.

Block Steady Trainer is this retro fresh tricot fabric track jacket. With its colorway based on a white, black and forest green palette it’s easy to wear with a track pant just like with a chino or a jogger. Get Down track pant is made of a different fabric even if the colors are the same so no, it’s not a track suit. Made of a water-repellent light crinkle nylon that dries quickly in case it rains, it has an adjustable waist with elastic tape inside.

You know what? If I think about it for a second my friends may even switch jackets and they would still look dope. The Stay Different movement stakes again.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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