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It’s a matter of supply and demand sometimes while some others it is just a matter of thinking outside the box. Iriedaily opted for the second option when it was time to create a new design for a backpack.

I have never seen so many backpacks like in the last five years. If once it was a matter of putting in school books or your change of clothes if you were headed to the gym, nowadays modern life created commuters that leave their home in the morning and go back in the evening. You may need to carry your lunch, a laptop, random chargers, yet needing some more space to carry your shopping.

With this scenario clear in mind, Iriedaily created a luggage solution that is not borrowed from anyone (read: totally original). Instead of taking the tech route designing a backpack with a zillion pockets or using ballistic nylon, the designers envisioned an essential item.

Made of synthetic wool and vegan leather, this Peta certified backpack is able to surprise and create emotions in a world where everything looks deja vu. Native American-style blanket create an appealing contrast with eco leather creating an item destined to be worn by adult individuals that stay different, just like the brand from Berlin wants you to.

I don’t know if you remember but we saw a pattern very similar to this last year when I reviewed Santania jacket. The ethnic approach to design is a kind of relief from city life hectic rhythms, one of the reasons why Iriedaily is pushing the envelope on this.

The essential design is very functional, with a large flap on the front and an internal zippered pocket. Large enough to carry a box with your new sneakers, this backpack has the potential to be a magnet for attention regardless of your social circle.

You can be a skater rather than a progressive architect and this style of backpack can be suitable for both.

Give a look to this item and the rest of Iriedaily bags and you will be surprised by how many different solutions can adapt to your lifestyle. At Iriedaily it’s never a matter of supply and demand, but rather of sensibility…

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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