Iriedaily ● Santania jacket + Kreuzkoelln beanie

It may be hard for other bloggers to get inspired these days but not for me. I watch a lot more movies than I was used to and one of my other occupations beside blogging these days is streetwear design. I’m not here to talk about that but such introduction was necessary to let you understand how much I appreciate a good cut & sew item.

Aren’t you fed up with puffer jackets? An Iriedaily jacket like this is much more crisp and I don’t even have to describe it: Santania Jacket was reviewed one year ago when I posted it with a slightly different pattern.

This means that you can go on read that post too while I can use this to give you a couple of insight on continuative items like this.

Once the brand saw that a jacket sold well, registered zero complains and its features were well aligned with its quality price rate, it is convenient to re-introduce it in the range. People like it to a point that they will look for it, making the brand recognizable while you basically give your fan base what it wants.

For the brand it is a cheaper and faster way to enjoy the profits coming from a previous investment of time. If originally it took six hours to design that jacket, changing its pattern will probably barely take one. Let alone the skip of the whole sampling process that is an even bigger saving of time and resources.

It is also a way to keep a narrative going and this Santania tells tales of Native Americans in their blankets and Fall tones that prepare to one of the most unique Christmas ever.

In this jacket there is the answer to the need of warmth in such a cold world, where you want to stay different, not to look like the other guy.

Once you have read this and the other Santania Jacket post that I told you about, make sure you wear this item with the right Kreuzkoelln beanie for best results. Both items await online at Iriedaily website all the individuals looking for warm vibes.

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