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If you are bumping on my blog for the first time you may not be familiar with Iriedaily but I will tell you real quick how the story goes. In 1994 some people from Berlin that were mostly screenprinting merchandising tees thought that they had to step their game up. That’s how Iriedaily moved its first steps, staying true to all street related activities, from street art to music to skateboarding.

Now that I got this out of the way, let me talk frankly to you: you know what is the point of strength of Iriedaily? Jackets! Half because of an environment where harsh weather has to be written with a capital H and half because of how creative is such environment, while other brands often drop a couple of jackets and nothing more, Iriedaily conceives surprising designs each season.

I showed you Rastron Jacket not long ago with its strong sneakerhead appeal and today we are going in a more ethnic vibe with Santania Jacket. Visionary just as I like it, the designer developed a classic in streetwear as the coach jacket, with a wooly fabric that is reminiscing of Peruvian or Mexican fabrics, with a quite intense visual impact that I fully back up.

Iriedaily knows coach jackets and ethnic fabrics have been around forever but to blend together the two is a whole another story. With the warmth of such pattern juxtaposed to monochromatic nylon, like all the other coach jackets, gives an unexpected result.

With a rectangular chest label as its main branding, this item lets its pattern do the talking but Iriedaily took care of every little detail, as it always does. Most of coach jackets don’t have the inside pocket but here as you can see, this item is ready to collect your phone or… your hardly earned dinero.

What gives strength to the Stay Different claim of the brand is embossed on each press button. Look closely and you will see a quite interesting quote: “Iriedaily some wear else”. It must be something in the air in Berlin that pushes creativity and fun to this level. Join the gang: Iriedaily website awaits…

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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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