Iriedaily ● Smirie Mask

“I went into phase 2 of the Covid emergency and all I got was this lousy face mask” followed by an arrow pointing north would be a great statement t-shirt when you rock this face mask.

My friends at Iriedaily are too kind, sending me this Smirie Mask, a sign of sensibility to better front this pandemic times that we are all going though. It’s a matter of fact: now masks are part of the way we dress and we have no choice but to accept them but the question is: can we have fun when we wear them? Iriedaily says yes with this Smirie Mask but in order to be able to have fun for real we have to match it properly, so the Irie family thought that this mask should be multiplied by two and so it went.

Not a white mast but two, one black and one white to satisfy your basic matching needs. A concept developed in collaboration with the Portuguese sweatshop that is in charge of the fleeces of Iriedaily range, it has been welcomed as a way to make a positive impact in these hard times.

So the factory went from sewing hoodies and sleeves to sewing elastics to the two half cups that compose these mandatory accessories. In this way not only you show respect to those around, trying to prevent the diffusion of the Covid 19, but you also show a permanent smile. Try to say that this is not a brilliant move in times where everyone is not used to this new reality? It is a consolidated technique: when people don’t know how to act, surprise them with a smile. A permanent one. Have fun mixing mad eyes with it and get a selfie with some close friends to show that you are strong enough to survive these times. Just keep in mind that these are not medical masks.

As an ending note, these Smirie Masks are not on sale but a gift for Iriedaily friends. Now what you can do is cop another mask in a completely different style: Funky Masks are available in two fresh colorways and their reasonable price doesn’t hurt at all…

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