Iriedaily ● Stagger jacket

I may live in an LA state of mind all you want but the truth is that my feet stomp on Euro ground on any given day. This means that Winter hits hard around here and it’s not something to be taken lightly. You gotta get equipped and who may know Winter more than German streetwear king Iriedaily? This season hits hard in Berlin with snow, ice and temperatures that are not for the weak. In other words… only the strong survive.



Among the many solutions available to front harsh weather with style we are checking Stagger Hood Jacket today. With its color block style it’s an item that will make an impression as soon as you see it but it’s in the little things that this garment will conquer you.



You put your hands in the pockets a lot? The Stagger Hood has pockets lined in fleece and like this wasn’t enough it even has two press buttons to avoid losing your wallet and blocking pickpocketers. It’s quite notorious: the true Berliner commutes via public transport or by bicycle and this jacket fits both ways of moving.


Is it raining while you are pedaling? This jacket is waterproof. Cold wind freeze your lips and you hate wearing a scarf? How about a zipper that goes up to your nose so you can be protected?


If we talk protection let’s not forget that this jacket worn here by Marcello B is slightly taller than the average. In this way its ribbed hem can protect even the low back where cold loves to sneak in. The icing on the cake is that you also have an inner pocket when it comes to store your smartphone and as you can see it’s in the middle of a black on black print of Iriedaily pen and sword logo on the lining.


You can count on Iriedaily to sword fight Winter weather.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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