Iriedaily ● Steady Anorak

If there is something that separates “beginners brands” from the others is the range. You just started a brand with your friends? I bet you deal in tees, crewnecks and hats. Then you have brands by the likes of Iriedaily whose experience in the streetwear industry make it a veteran.



Starting its adventure in 1990 as a brand dealing with tees only under the umbrella of Ward Productions, Iriedaily started to walk with its own legs four years later, making a mark on the Berlin scene first and all over Europe later. With such level of experience together with the harsh weather conditions that people from the German capital has to face every winter, you can rest assured: an Iriedaily jacket is ready when the game gets tough.


I tested this Steady Anorak a couple of times already and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Its shell is 100% cotton windproof and waterproof up to 2.000 MM as snow and rain don’t have to be a problem. Technically speaking it’s very protective but there is more.


This anorak has a very clean design where you only have three pockets, with one of them inside. The two outside where you can put your hands have magnetic closures: no flaps nor zippers, just make the magnets make contact and it’s closed.


Its sleeves don’t show it but inside you have ribbed cuffs to ban cold weather from sneaking inside your jacket. If at first sight you may have thought that it was an essential parka, its features move in silence to give you the ultimate winter protection.


Ready to any style challenge, the Steady anorak is never out of place: go to any job interview rather than pedal through town (yes, Steady Anorak is also breathable) to hit the club and you hardly will feel out of place.


Also available in black, this jacket awaits patiently online to be put in a digital cart at the following link. Click now, don’t play like a beginner…
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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