Iriedaily ● Tagg Dad cap + Daily flag tee + Tagg Hooded

Remember when ODB in 1998 at the Grammy awards said that “Wu Tang is for the children”? Well, allow me to say this: Iriedaily is for the children. Children of a marriage among urban landscape and fast times.

There is no social group, there is no music of choice, there is no sport that defines you. Those are things of yesterday and Iriedaily focus is on a future where we become one nation inside the city. Feel free to see the night turn to morning after a never-ending electro DJ set or blaze with your homies and bust wicked punchlines at your friend studio: it’s all good.


Iriedaily represents a generation whose common denominator is street vibes so no matter if you skateboard or if you pedal your way through the city, if you are an old school graffiti writer or if you are a skilled graphic designer: the brand from Berlin represents an attitude, a way to perceive urban scenarios representing your style with pride.

It is only right for a brand born in 1994 to adjust to current trends and in the meantime there is a new generation rocking these garments that can’t be defined but at the same time wants to stand out and look special.

Like special can be a pink matching of a Daily Flag tee with the fresh Tagg Dad cap. The leitmotif of Iriedaily tees gets paired to the fresh hand designed logo, avoiding here the double logo matching. Check how on point is the rubber label on the back.

We find this new logo again on the Tagg Hooded that puts a personal twist to the color block technique that we keep on seeing on fleeces. Instead of stitching together a navy blue and a heather grey fleece, the central block of color is screenprinted. And you will love the doubled thick hoodie, regardless of the last music event that you attended…

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Photos courtesy of Elena Volpi

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