Iriedaily ● Takeover Crew

I love it when funny stuff has the power to make us think deeply. This is the kind of message that Iriedaily enjoys the most to put on display on its tees and crewnecks. We saw that Greetings crewneck last season that had a similar approach, with the juxtaposition of clean buildings and a wrecked car with the word “welcome” spray painted on its doors.

The face of this ape may look funny but at the same time it evokes a problem that it’s as serious as cancer: devolution. Are we really superior beings because of all this technology that is helping our lives or actually we are turning into slaves of our smartphones?

Iriedaily has no answers, it’s just a tight brand from Berlin that loves to design thought-inducing crewnecks with a little help of the creative studio called Brand New History.

This Takeover crew that Marcello B is wearing is lightweight, ready to be carried with you in these ultra hot days, just in case it gets a little breezy at night.

The best feature of this item is obviously the quality of its print: very defined in every detail but light for what concerns the touch of it.

It’s not by accident that Iriedaily became a leading force when you talk streetwear in Germany and Europe in general, but with hard work and wicked concepts. Check in detail on its website how wicked is this brand and you will be surprised: from jackets to shorts, from shirts to denims, from tees to caps there is no spot left untouched in the range of Iriedaily.
We can talk about evolution here, no doubt…

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