Iriedaily ● Team Hip Pack + Iriedaily Fan Scarf

May you please throw ya hands up for Iriedaily? The king of Berlin is back with the same attitude but with a new focus: its claim. After seeing a bunch of people sneaking into our culture but missing the key principles that are at the base of streetwear movement this brand felt the need to go back to basics like it was a Danny Tenaglia track: stay different.

If you felt attracted by streetwear you should back it up with actions that justify your attire. Are you a music producer? Do you skateboard? Is graff writing what gives you chills? Is breakdancing, popping and locking your reason to live? Then you are special and you have nothing in common with hypebeast resellers that are just and solely… dealing in products.

Iriedaily is all but a rookie in this streetwear thing and it was about time to state its position, in the contemporary chaos that dominates the streetwear market and the Stay Different claim that is all over its Fall Winter 18/19 collection is really on point.

Today with the help of Evelyn V we give a look to the most crucial accessories for next Winter: Team Hip Pack together with Iriedaily Fan Scarf.

The hip pack was a late 80s classic: you didn’t go out of your house if you weren’t wearing one. The recent resurgence of this accessory turned into a cross body bag is strong so you may consider to cop one. Instead of paying a fortune for the one that you saw on your friend… stay different and cop this one.

But the freshest concept ever is to make a football scarf hooligan style that instead of showing love to a team, gives support to this brand. I think that Iriedaily deserves it, after all the support that it gave in first place to music events, skateboard addicts and graff fanatics.

Check these items available now Iriedaily website and give a look to its complete proposal, there is everything you may need. Just stay different and all the rest will follow…

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