Iriedaily ● Temptation Trainer

Is there a way to stop the 90s throwback wave? Not really and Iriedaily knows this well. In these cases it is better to go with the flow. Or better yet go deep beneath the surface. If 90s fever to you means chunky sneakers and big logos you are forgetting about a delicate aspect that did not go unnoticed to the Kreutzberg brand: chenille.

Similar to velvet but with a richer appeal, this was the fabric that premium track suits were made of during that golden decade and that’s where Iriedaily went to research. A chenille track jacket was the item that you saw on those MCs that everybody looked at when you found yourself at a hip hop jam. Having just turned 25 in the city of Berlin you can bet that this brand had its fair share of parties and events related to street culture. This means that recreate a style that was already part of the past collections became a game.

Temptation Trainer is a sharp women’s item whose minimal design makes it precious, just like you can see on these Evelyn V shots. With its double piping on the sleeves it surely stands out without being too loud.

It’s here on the right sleeve, close to the cuff, that we find the same OG logo that we saw here on GSE 2.0 Track Jacket not long ago, designed by Iriedaily founder Jay Bo himself.

We are dealing with an item that can easily blend in your personal selection regardless of what your style is. From an alternative indie rocker to a trap fan I see the versatility of such track jacket that takes sports inspiration to the streets.

If your goal is looking crisp at a correct quality price rate, all this while you #staydifferent I would give this item a try. If your area has no shop that deals in this brand, no worries: Iriedaily online shopping is fast, funny and fresh.
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