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Iriedaily needs no introduction if you are a regular reader of this blog. Based in Berlin, this is a streetwear brand by the people, for the people. All that overpriced apparel that major blogs trick you into thinking that is “street”, has nothing to deal with this. Iriedaily stays different, revolving around sweet principles like belonging to Fair Wear Foundation, sustainability and even Vegan items. At this point I heard somebody asking: “At what price?” and I’m here to assure you all because “More than reasonable” is my answer.

With solid roots planted in urban fashion territory, Iriedaily makes you step up your style since 1994 with sharp concepts that show love for the culture at the foundation of streetwear.

Take your calendars back to that same year, when The Notorious Big dropped his debut album “Ready to Die”. He quickly became an icon for the streets, once rap fans recognized that his lyrical level was a cut above the rest. This is why hip hop fans borrowed style elements from the Brooklynite MC, from his Versace sunglasses to the Kangol ivy cap. Another element that made him magnetize the attention was Biggies’s Coogi pullover.

Our Iriedaily designers, desperately in love with the 90s, included a few knits to set the retro flavor of the current collection and one of them is Theodore Knit. Vertically striped, this item is inspired by the greatness of a king blended with actual fun (that originally was the reason that made streetwear see the light of day). Spark a conversation, giving “ugly christmas sweaters” a run for their money: this is an all Winter round item but most of all far from ugly.

This is one of the five colorways available of this jacquard pullover. You read it right, Iriedaily knits section is crackalacking with interesting items, as you may have had a vapor already, starting last fall with my post of Will Smith ready Crazy Fresh Knit.

There is no correct way to wear such a flamboyant item. I would not overcharge it, having a strong impact by itself. I just wanted to make sure that Theodore Knit could be worn either in the city just like on the river and… it works!

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