Iriedaily ● Vintachi Hood Jacket

How much do you love to dare when do you dress? Do you put together an outfit to conform to what others do or do you feel like expressing yourself? This post about Iriedaily is for the latter, those that find pleasure to stand for something and communicating it in a quick way is the outcome of the way they dress.

The attention to retro inspiration is major when we give an eye to Iriedaily current proposal. Not long ago we saw an outfit composed by Resort bucket hat, Resort shirt and Streetz hip bag that was an ode to 80’s outdoor and today the vibe doesn’t differ much.

This woven jacket dares a lot. No pastel tones or neon colors but a whole palette of brown in all its declinations.

It also dares to take a stand that goes beyond its colorway: while fast fashion offers you low prices copying other brands concepts, using low quality fabrics and by exploiting child labor this brand chose to go in the right direction. Not the easiest way maybe but surely the cleanest, took Iriedaily to be part of Fair Wear Foundation, keeping prices reasonable but at the same time focusing on craftsmanship and raw materials just like it does with design.

So not only this Iriedaily Vintachi Hood Jacket looks fresh, it also is vegan and sustainable, if you consider that it has been made of organic cotton and recycled nylon and polyester.

Now that you know that buying this item you are supporting a good cause, spending your money in a production cycle that cares about the planet, think of how many different ways you will have to wear this jacket. Keep it handy as a lightweight jacket but also wear it with a contrasting army green vest when it gets a bit colder, creating a sort of overall camo pattern.

You should visit Berlin and cop this item at Iriedaily store in Kreuzberg area, but in case you can’t rest assured: you can buy online from Iriedaily website. Yes, you can dare to do so: there are no risks…

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