Iriedaily ● Write On Steel

Iriedaily lives in a Berlin state of mind. To let you understand deeply what I just wrote you should visit the town and see for yourself. Far from the glamour and glitz of Milan, more open of the exclusive Paris, less fashion conscious than London, Berlin is a city for the people.

You can be all you want here: people just want to hear what you bring to the table. It may be knowledge, experience, creative vision but here the power expressed through big cars and money is not perceived like everywhere else.

That is the reason why streetwear natural place to be is in Berlin. People come from the four corners of Europe to see the booths of the main players of the streetwear game, smartly divided into Bright Tradeshow and Seek Tradeshow. It’s at the first that I recently met with the people behind the brand and I had a blast exchanging views on our local scenes.

In that occasion I had the official permission by my contact at the marketing department Denise to post a mens tee on a girl and of course I couldn’t wait to come home and do it with the help of Alessandra U. Write on steel t-shirt is all about the above principle where a creative vision beats money any time. Writing on steel is a fine art, bringing color to an otherwise grey city is a mission and Iriedaily strongly supports such activity.

Show your love for a lifestyle where graffiti together with alternative music, bicycle riding and skateboarding are considered expression of a culture that’s can’t be bought: it just has to be taught.

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