Iriedaily ●Theodore Pocket Tee

I’m an old school cat, I never tried to hide it. So while millennials were born with phone in hand and trap music is all they listen, I was forged musically by the OG Def Jam roster of artists, especially Public Enemy. This intro was mandatory to explain how looking at this tee and thinking about a Public Enemy track called “Contract on the world love jam” it’s one thing for me. Hearing lyrics like like “having an afrocentric point of view” and “if you don’t know your past then you don’t know your future” fit this Iriedaily item like they were tailor made for it.

This is one of the graphic trends that the brand from Berlin pushed the most throughout this season. Do you remember Theodore Knit, the pullover that i posted not long ago with a very similar pattern? Welcome to Theodore Pocket tee, ready to impress OG hip hop heads like me just like the most demanding kid with a thirts for freshness.

It’s that simple: sometimes vivid colors are placed strategically and you suffer the fascination from its contrast on point if you don’t know your past. If you know it, you get memories of Biggie rocking its colorful pullover and this is more than enough to fall in love with it.

Stylistically speaking this is the 90’s flavor that could look perfect in any Prince of Bel Air episode, but Iriedaily designers gave it a current twist. The pattern became the central part of a color block tee whose black panels above and under just make it pop out more. In order to make it more contemporary the smart idea here is to add a pocket tee and a woven label on its side.

I don’t see any other chance but to rock this item with a pair of chunky retro basketball trainers. Then if I think about other ways to wear this item that I can’t call my own, you can also play it clean with a rolled uop chino with a proper fit and there wouldn’t be anything bad about it but to me this is how I would wear it: in a flamboyant way.

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