Iriedaily – Daily Flag t-shirt

“The pen is mightier than the sword” said Edward Bulwer Lytton and considering that my main passion is writing on this blog… I couldn’t agree more. What if you have a pen and a sword on the same tee? You have the most mighty of the mightiest tees! Iriedaily is based on real culture therefore there is a lot to be said (and written) on this Berlin brand that is one of the driving forces in European streetwear. This is possible because people recognized the authenticity of Iriedaily like a true movement that represents the love for street art and progressive forms of urban music, exactly like the city that it comes from. Its evolution went from a massive soundclash posse that printed a few tees to make a name for itself, to the Irie Daily that we know now. This brand has a range of street garments to make your jaw drop if you are a connoisseur of all things urban. Like the fabric of this Daily Flag t-shirt: this maroon melange is not plain burgundy as it may seem at first. Look at it closely and you will notice that it is dotted like your heather grey tee. A men item that Beatrice C is modeling just like she stole it from her brother, this tee is ready for Summer festivals and beach parties. To work on an outfit that includes this piece, just get lost browsing Iriedaily website and you will find the right chino or that smart shirt that you were looking for. Just beware: the range is sharper than the sword! Sunglasses courtesy of Jeepers Peepers. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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