Iriedaily ● Flag Chambray snapback + Easy Chambray short

A few shops are already receiving Fall Winter 2016 collections but here it’s still real hot and I don’t feel out of place showing you some captivating styles to enjoy these last summer days. Today we move to Berlin, hometown of Iriedaily, to get its version of a fresh outfit.

This outfit includes a Flag Chambray snapback together with an Easy Chambray short. What’s cooler than chambray I truly don’t know. A fabric that was destined for ages to end up cut and sewn as a white collar worker shirt, it saw recently a new life in more modern forms such as these two items. Chambray has this clean aura that gets along well with the Iriedaily aesthetics of a current street style fan.

The snapback I am wearing in these pictures is a delicate mix of dark grey and light blue with a woven label in the middle, representing the pen and sword logo that we already saw on that Daily flag that I posted here two months ago. Easy Chambray shorts are way shorter than what you used to wear last year. This item is what you wear to enjoy relax, showing at the same time that you care about looking sharp, with a pastel tone matching the visor of your Flag chambray snapback. Its adjustable elastic waist contributes in a massive way to the above mentioned relax feeling. There are three pockets to let you carry the basic key/wallet/phone combo and an eco leather label on the back pocket to show off your European state of mind but don’t worry: fly styles are never out of place. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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