Iriedaily ● Greetings Crewneck

If this was 2001 and instead of here I would live in the Dirty South you would hear Ludacris saying: “Welcome to Atlanta where the players play / And we ride on dem thangs like ev-ery day”. The thing is that Ludacris would have an hard time to ride in such a smashed car. But this is 2016 and we are in Europe, whose street fashion capital seem to be Berlin, home of one of the most important trade shows and home of Iriedaily.
Here comes the brand with a sense of humor, greeting someone that comes to your city through the juxtaposition of an harsh image with a friendly message. We saw this design four months ago on that Greetings Beutel, do you remember? Here with this item called Greetings Crewneck we can touch and feel the quality of the screen prints of this German heavyweight in urban apparel. Not so thick to form a sort of coat, but definite with an impressive level, this is the item that I see suitable for creative people, out of the ordinary and with a strong sense of humor just like my tattooist friend Adriano M in these pictures.

In an ending note I can’t do nothing but notice the interesting quality price rate that surely doesn’t hurt. This brand is available in the best street shops but if your favorite one doesn’t carry it, just show him Iriedaily website: such level of quality with these prices will get to the heart of any smart urban shop owner.

In case he’s not convinced, he can always pass by Berlin to witness firsthand…

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