Iriedaily – My City Typo t-shirt + Greetings Beutel

Forget Slick Rick the Ruler: Iriedaily rules. If the German brand was once reigning over the city of Berlin, word of mouth run fast and now all over Europe those in the know recognize the actual value of this originator of the streetwear game. Is it because of the strong urban taste or because of the essential and clean designs? Let’s say it’s a combination of several factors where I may dare to add also a correct quality/price rate. Today under the spotlight we have this combination of My City Typo t-shirt with the Greetings Beutel and you can bet that you can taste a strong flavor of Berlin here. Not only because of the minimal message that the t-shirt that Veronica B sends out but also because of the bag that says “Greetings from Berlin”. Playing on a juxtaposition among the friendly message and the rough image of a wrecked spray painted car, this bag has more to offer than what we see. The polyester fabric is real smooth and the image is neat and detailed but the key feature is that it’s waterproof. Survival of the fittest theory: climate in our city is not exactly Copacabana’s so we have to adapt with effective solutions. With its inside pocket to hold wallet and keys, this bag can (and will) became an ideal companion to keep inside that extra windbreaker that may come handy. Both items have the signature of Brand New History, the design studio that often works for this brand. Get irie on daily basis: check Iriedaily website in any kind of weather and enjoy. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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