Iriedaily ● Smurpher heavy beanie + Daily Flag tee

Not many other brands can identify themselves with the city they are from like Iriedaily. There is no “London brand” or “Paris brand” but in our case the things are different for a reason: our brand created the movement first and the clothing brand second.

Hailing from one of the most intense cities in Europe for what concerns creativity and freedom of expression, with its own culture but open to all influences from outside, it’s one of the few brands can claim to be legit in several street based activities such as hip hop culture, electro music, fixed gear bikes and… yes, skateboarding.

With such a wide target it’s mandatory to have something for everyone and it’s exactly for this reason that Iriedaily proposal can satisfy all the above heads plus some. Today under our scrutiny there is an outfit composed by the Smurpher Heavy beanie together with Daily Flag tee in its deep lake colorway. We saw this graphic last summer already, remember? Such graphic that brings out Edward Bulwer Lytton claim “The pen is mightier than the sword” is one of the design that you identify with this brand the most. You also have it on the beanie in form of woven label.

To be honest (Iriedaily may hate me for this) it is a mens tee even if worn by Elisa B so get it straight and look for mens section of Iriedaily website if you want to see other variations on the theme of this t-shirt. Now that I think of it this brand won’t hate on me: the world irie and hate don’t match!

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