Iriedaily ● Stagger Step jacket

It’s about time to think Winter jackets. Who knows better than Iriedaily how to look good in this period? The Berlin brand is a favorite 12 months a year but it’s during this time that you have the chance to witness firsthand Iriedaily point of strength: its jackets. Winters are harsh in Germany so this veteran of the streetwear industry knows how to keep you warm without sacrificing your style.

Stagger Step jacket represents a variation on the bomber jacket that seems to take over this winter. Clean and functional, this item will make you stand out with finesse in a world of clones, without sacrificing confort.

Its quilted structure is what makes this jacket precious, adding a special touch. With a minimal branding on its zipper and on the eco suede label on the chest, Stagger Step jacket will appeal the discreet streetwear aficionado that puts quality first. With its waterproof treatment this urban item represents the best but it’s ready for worst with its nice pampering feature in its left pockets: fleece lining. The detail that makes this Iriedaily piece different from a bomber is the elastic binding on both hem and sleeves, very thin compared to ribcuffs.

The hunter appeal of this Olive colorway rocked by Alberto NP doesn’t meet your taste? Give it a chance in its Black version to decide what’s better for you. This is just the icing on the cake for what concerns Iriedaily winter proposal. All styles of jackets are online for you to check and you will see: Berlin style suits you more than LA’s if you live in Europe…

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