Iriedaily ● Vari Base Knit pullover

Looking good in the hood is not an option: it’s a must. The new millennium kicked in 16 years ago and you should do everything you can not to look sloppy or passé, as you want to say. Fortunately we can count on a helping hand by the almighty brand from Berlin that goes by the name of Iriedaily.

This is more than a brand: it’s a creative collective keen to explore the possibilities that clothing can give to the guys that declared “my city my rules” since 1994. Do you want an example? This pullover that Alberto P is wearing came in a box full of stickers all different one from the other. The thing is that Iriedaily lets you be all you want, giving you multiple options for what concerns the clean style that I was telling you about. So if one time you don’t want to be the guy wearing a hoodie, what better choice than this pullover?

Vari Base Knit brings out the beauty in you with a simple yet effective plan: a raglan cut of the sleeves that have a reverse jacquard craftsmanship, a little woven label on your chest, ribbed cuffs and hem and nobody is gonna beat you. You will be ready to meet the parents of the girl that you scored on New Years Eve with this pullover. What? You doubt you will score any?! Put together a stunning outfit including this piece then and do your best: girls will flock on you.

Regardless of your status, to look good just browse Iriedaily website and you are set for 2017 and beyond.

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