Iriedaily x Mizu ● Crazy Fresh bottle

I want to dedicate the whole week to Iriedaily for a reason that took shape organically in front of me these days: no other brand has such a range. Not only it is wide and brilliant but there is an approach where there is a transposition on accessories of the vibe of the apparel collection, sharing the same patterns.

Do you remember when last season we gave a check to Crazy Fresh Knit Pullover and Rastron bag? They had the same pattern, allowing me to create a stylish outfit quite out of the ordinary. That same pattern is back today, but this time we are not looking good just because: this time we are on a mission to save Planet Earth one bottle at the time.

Being Iriedaily and Mizu in a great relationship, the two brands worked together on a limited edition item: Crazy Fresh bottle.

It was 6 years ago when I first showed you a Mizu bottle, at the very beginning of its success, From then on, the brand whose pure steel bottles will make you avoid plastic bottles only kept gaining momentum, becoming a leader with a quite a few imitators. It’s a simple count whose mathematic logic is almost scary: if we can stop the diffusion of the many millions of plastic bottles in the world, such place will become much better (and less polluted) thanks to our efforts. We all have to do our part and Iriedaily and Mizuno give us the best looking tool to do so.

With its unmistakable stopper designed around the shape of a drop and ready to be hooked with a carabineer to your backpack, you have a reusable bottle ready for any adventure, be it skating at the park or training at the track field, but the difference is that no one will show up with such a… crazy pattern on his bottle.

Inspired by a retro freshness strictly tied to the 90’s hip hop craze of tennis tracksuits and beach volley t-shirts, you have no choice but fall in love with it. Come to check back here in a couple of days and in the meantime don’t stop browsing Iriedaily website in its accessories section.

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