Iriedaily ● XCIV long sleeve t-shirt + Allied 164 hip bag

Berlin calling! When Iriedaily presents a collection it’s always a reflection of its love for the city that this brand calls home. We did not find in this season a brand that in its proposal included a hip bag but Iriedaily did. It’s probably a direct repercussion of how much in this city riding a bicycle is vital.

You can’t carry your phone, keys and wallet in your pockets but you don’t need a backpack at the same time so the solution of the Allied 164 hip bag surfaced. It’s an old school thing that most of you may not remember but back in the mid 80s if you had no hip bag… you weren’t a skater. This time with Fabio C we tried a different approach, putting it over his shoulder while usually you put it on the hips, just like a belt (hence the name hip bag).

Its colorway is as urban as it gets, grey with an eco suede label. The fabric is water repellent (yes, in Berlin it snows and rains like whoa) to fit to the maximum the season we are in.

This long sleeve t-shirt thing is gaining momentum and of course Iriedaily is on it. Called XCIV LS this piece is ready for your denim vests to get a proper “now you see me now you don’t” treatment but rest assured that it can hold its own even by itself. With your heart protected by the mighty Iriedaily pen & sword logo that we met before on that Daily Flag t-shirt, nothing bad can happen.

Except the rain, now that I think of…

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