Is Everybody Alife and kickin’? Only with your sunglasses on.

During one of my frequent visits to New School shop, I almost had to wear sunglasses. This product shines, no matter if you mean it litterally or in slang, it do shines! I’m proud to introduce you the latest version of the Everybody model, brought to you but none else than Alife. This company did collaborations with Puma, Reebok and Adidas in the past that were more than remarkable (who can forget the Reebok Court Victory Pump made of tennis ball material?!). The production in this case is made of a glossy ripstop with squared dots. Even if the lower parte is skate inspired, the structure of the shoe is solid but not enough to skate. I told you ripstop, NOT grip stop! You can easily wear them proudly in any other occasion, being this company one with solid roots in collector style with hip hop influences. You can claim hip hop influences when you have Bun B hosting your events, you have a beat boxing session with the likes of Biz Markie & Doug E. Fresh and Nas doing live shows that you put together. This means that when you’re done reading, you go browse their site and next thing you know, you don’t want to buy Alife, you need it!

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