“Is you a pimp ni**a? (Yes I’m a pimp ni**a)/Well spit the game ni**a (Lobster and shrimp ni**a)” (Timbaland & Jay-Z)

“Losers eat lobsters, winners wear Lobster” was written on one of the first labels of this clothing company. Homies at Lobster seem to be on some “born to lose, live to win” like Lemmy taught us. It all makes sense when you have names like Spiller and Useless Wooden Toys rocking your stuff, Flying Fortress and Grems drawing collaboration designs. What makes this brand a winner is first all a good sense of humour. People are smiling back because Lobster make them win the rat race with the help of colors, graff style fonts and accuracy in the making. Cento is the man behind this design and who knows graff better than he does? A million miles away from these “homegrown designers” born in front of a pc, in the safety of mom and pops shelter, Cento is an Italian artist that people learned to respect for his dedication. When respect goes together with fun, you can’t go better. His trait is always oriented towards cartoonish characters, or in this case fonts. What makes Lobster stand out even more is that their parties are really ill. They’re based in Treviso, an area close to Venice. The Italian Venice, where Woody Allen wanted to buy his house in order to attend the Mostra internazionale d’arte cinematografica di Venezia. Probably the Gritti suite at the end of the day is better, since he never bought it. This artistic area includes this urban/graff/skate shop owned by the Lobster familia called Markershop. Its annual party, usually in November, is always filled with good music in a combination of hip hop and electro with quality control stamp of approval. Beside this it seems that booze flows like Slick Rick on a good day and following the idea that it’s better late than never, this year I will be attending. Yes, I will be there for the first time with a little help from the new recruit of their all star supporting team, the skate gentleman known as Dany Fenili. What am I talking about? How about let him drive the whole two hours and a half car trip? If he’s good on 4 wheels, no matter what the four wheels are, isn’t it?!

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