“It was all a dream I used to read Word Up magazine/Salt’n’Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine” (The Notorious Big)

Life is faster than Ludacris car. Or shall I say faster than Julien Stranger Spitfires in this case? It seems yesterday that I was wearing knee pads and skating miniramp with Pablo Baruffo and our respective crews in front of Garda Lake in Desenzano. Not to use a cliché but… those were the days. To drive a couple of hours just to ride a miniramp with all the posse was the perfect sunday then. Nowadays it happens that while I waste my time to write this disposable infos concerning totally useless objects, Pablo is creating masterpieces in form of skateparks. This bowl here is the latest creation of Cooping, his company, but wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet. There is also a street plaza that will take residence as a neighbour of this beauty in the same park here above. Where? Unbelievable but yes, in my city at the Spazio Polaresco youth center. Bergamo, half an hour drive from world famous Milan will have its skatepark and after all these years of waiting the result is something to be proud of. This means that finally youngers will have a place to practice transitions skating and hopefully one day they will be able to compete, get sponsors, win contests, enjoy the afterparty and get all the ladies (ladies love winners, just in case you didn’t know…). Not only. I can’t stop my imagination, sorry for y’all, but this also means that under those trees one day we may witness some professional skating at stellar levels. All in all we had to wait so many years but the result reaches a high standard that speaks for itself. I went to ask personally to the local council for a vert ramp something like twenty years ago. “Good things happen to those who wait” saying strikes again.

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