“It’s a celebration, bit**es/grab a drink, grab a glass, after that, I grab yo a**”(Kanye West)

It seems yesterday that we celebrated the winner of New Era XC but it was actually last year. Damn, time flies when you’re having fun, huh?! So you are going around, wandering where you can show the real artist in you? And most of all you wander who’s going to pay those 6 packs that you bring home on the regular to find inspiration (yeah, right…). Look no further: your occasion is here. It’s called New Era Introducing. Every artist needs his canvas said a popular ad for some shoes back in the days of my youth and this seems to be exactely the case. Think about it: not anymore a two dimensional canvas but one more dimension. Adding new dimensions to your life, this is what New Era does, and to be honest this seems done in a proper way. Apply your skills on a blank 59fifty cap, put to it any medium you want and more. Think the unthinkable and you will win 10 grands in British Pounds, isn’t it sweet?! Craig Green did it last year. He created that Viking warrior on top with metal and wood. Metal and wood applied to a cap. You’re up to a good start, don’t you think? I saw everything glued or stiched to caps in the first edition of New Era XC. Fake hair, mirrors, electric plugs, paper, fine leather no matter the medium, demonstrate why you are one of the uniquely creative minds of tomorrow. You could then tour with the result of your work if you got picked, since the final entries will then be appraised by an international judging panel and will form an exhibition that will visit galleries throughout major cities in the contributing countries. So sick: you get to tour and get in touch directly with all the different countries that embrace New Era 59 fifty as an icon of our times. You are not an artist? Your artistic skills are close to zero, but you’re a fan of this here movement? No big deal, I’m not an artist myself but last year I went home thinking of a class A party where I had the chance to meet key players in this game, down a couple of brews and breath some international air that is much needed to the healthy life of The Maxiemillion. Except when I saw a few of these caps that litterally took my breath away.

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