“It’s cool, not tryin to put a rush on you/I had to let you know that I got a crush on you” (The Notorious Big)

May a Maxie say whoa?! I gave my friends over in Cali a post in June and next thing you know they comin down with heavyweights just a couple of months after. Done with their Lazer tag tour that they shared with electro fiends Far East Movement, like they were on a P Diddy program, Hyper Crush never stop. No sign of slowing down in this case pretty much means a kickass capsule collection of tee shirts, a bangin’ remix in full Hyper Crush style and last but not least a preview of a tee shirt collaboration project. Our neon electro soldiers are sons of the land where you can’t get anything wrong with your style and it shows in this serie of tee shirts. Three men tshirt, one women t shirt and a women top is what we have to inspect. Obviously if I had to choose one, my taste, being a son of Spike Lee cultural movement, I would pick the fourth from left, inna full Radio Raheem style. I also like the ying yang logo that they use, probably because my first skateboard ever was a Town and Country skate design. These goodies are all up on this website for you to buy, don’t wait. It’s not over: you can download Ayo from iTunes as an mp3 or as a video. If you’re broke now and you want to enjoy life at zero dinero, feel free to download Hyper Crush remix of “Dj got us falling in love again” of Usher featuring Pitbull. Those two get along in this joint like denim and flannel so don’t hesitate. Any street smart cat here knows T.I.T.S.? Two In The Shirt is this company that, beside being among Fabio L from Move/Vibrarecords favourites, releases these funny and hot tees full of gorgeous women, using sometimes the gifted hand of Estevan Oriol as a photographer. Who’s funnnier and hotter than Holly herself?! You can see her shining hotter than lava in the above picture inna full Cali environment. Her female vocal performance on stage didn’t go unnoticed probably, as them heads at T.I.T.S are joining forces with Hyper Crush to release this collabo tee real soon. What’s next in store for them? A collaboration laser gun for Toys R us? You never stop, that’s for sure.

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