“It’s me, Jeru the Damaja/and I’m here to present to you today/the bullsh*t ” (Jeru The Damaja)

Do you know why I can relate to our friends over at Dojo clothing? Because of their blog. If you go there, their claim is “your daily source for bullsh*t“. How brilliant is this?! Their intention to have fun while they do their job is relevant. Plus the attitude “let’s not take anything too seriously”, is exactely like The Maxiemillion’s own. Too many times fake masters brag about what they do while real masters move in silence. That’s what happens around here. In these days of capsule collections and ltd editions, Dojo has something far from bullsh*t to show us. Nine878, Lordh, Aintsane and Boghe. All these guys have in common is Italian nationality, Amsterdam residence and a sense of design that revolves around geometric imaginary typical of the electro scene. Triangles and pyramides, illuminati and synth sounds, dancefloors and tee shirts. What’s the bound among all this? The need to be fresh and the fear of the future, maybe? My future will be bright, I feel it. I have premonitions already. I will end up rich, with a beautiful wife and at our mansion we will give awesome parties and we will invite you. What’s wrong with these friends that once they have a wife, or a girlfriend, you don’t see them around anymore? Future for Dojo will be as bright as mine, I feel this too. These guys sense of humour is like karma: what goes around comes around. They smile at life so life will smile back at them. Italian craftmanship and design that may fool anybody peeping at their .co.uk website for a reference of origins, Dojo is one of the first official followers of this blog here. They feel like this blog deserves some kind of respect. Once again, what goes around comes around, since they gave props to my work, I do the same with theirs. My favourite indeed is the eye picture with the pink triangle. I love pink. Both the colour and the pop singer. Pink used to be hangin around Love park in Philly, hanging with skateboarders, in case you didn’t know. I really can’t focus on the subject, I know. Quantum serie tees are up to date and all that, but spring got me distracted. Don’t follow me all the time, just focus on the graphics and these designs will start to talk to you, like they did to me. Don’t end up replyin to them or people would think that you’re crazy and instead of a shirt like this you will get a straightjacket.

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