“It’s simple mathematics” “Check it out!” “I revolve around science..” “What are we talking about here?” (Mos Def)

Let’s talk numbers for a minute here: what makes this blog complete is the people that browse it on regular basis. There is more: the people that end up on it by accident, just looking for something and asking it to the Alladin lamp ops… to Google. Last but not least the people that give a look just because I kindly ask them. This means: distributors that send me stuff, Facebook fans of brand X that see a link on the page of said brand. All this wouldn’t be complete without one last source: New Era 59fifty fans. I want to thank them officially. I’m part of this forum called New Era Cap Talk and when I post in the forum that there is a new 59fifty to check, they come in numbers to see what the deal is. I do my best to keep my reputation solid there: good caps, sometimes even “not out yet” (see 55dsl review) and detailed pictures. I always rock one on my head and I know what details make them salivate and I do my best to pass the information in pictures correctly. What else make numbers grow is the titles in here. A lot of people end up on The Maxiemillion because they type let’s say the words of a Wu Tang joint and I used it as a title for a post. But if I think twice these informations on how to make a blog work are more than enough, it’s time we pass to the above item. Sex sells, no news, right?! That’s why when I had in my (digital) hands these pictures with a) a New Era 59 fifty by Jeremy Fish Superfishal b) a model chick wearing it I thought that my numbers would go bananas. Jeremy’s walrus straight outta Upper Playground intricately embroidered in charcoal reigns in front of the cap. Do you also see the two bunnies? They are there, so make your eyes work. Wearablerus as in wearable walrus is how the grandmaster himself called this cap. This time, not like in last post, I can save my suggestions about “how to rock this properly”, you don’t need it. His majesty the walrus is there, ready for you to tell people that you may look funny, but you’re massive and like our friends the Wu Tang clan say, you’re nuthin’ to f*ck with.

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