” It’s the reason I’m ahead of the pack/It’s the reason I left them back” (Public Enemy)

The only way not to sound obvious if I gotta review this is the following: not a single word on the (dope) skateboarding contents. Yes, don’t worry, it’s a skateboard video. It has people on skateboards doing incredible stunts. They don’t have yet their name on a deck/shoe/wheel. They’re all amateurs, the step before you become a professional or better yet a pro. Just type “Nike SB Debacle” in your Google search and read about it where you want. What gets me intrigued here is the art of packaging. Do you remember how crazy I went for the Bape kids catalogue? I kinda felt the same in front of this object. In an ever evolving (and much complicated) digital era like ours, the designers at Nike SB had to face a hard task: how can we create an object of desire where you can find a Blu-Ray disc (you’re right, it’s not a dvd) with the latest skate adventures of our much talented ams? They dressed a Blu-Ray disc as a collection of vinyl including the white sleeve and a sticker. Inside you can find a collection of photo portraits of these talented amateurs instead of a jamaican record that spins at 45rpm. This is a balance act. Old vs new. Pro vs am. Digital vs analog. It sounds like amigos know where they come from but they’re headed to the future. Do you own a Blu-Ray player? I don’t (it’s pretty ghetto in my crib, there’s not even air conditioning here while you peep my blog in luxurious and fresh officies with your latest brand new Mac). But this may represent a social plus: find a friend that owns that or a Playstation 3 and share the joy of high definition image at its peak. I tried but I can’t resist, I gotta talk about something I’ve seen in the video: the Grant Taylor part. Son of Thomas Taylor, owner of Stratosphere skateshop in Atlanta, this kid grew up in an envronment where the motto was kinda Zorlac-esque: shut up and skate. From the infamous 40 yard skate spot to big rails, from tech moves to smooth tranny skills, this wonderboy got the whole package. He needs to be seen, my words can’t explain properly, plus it’s getting too hot, I’m outta here. If you hear me knockin at your air conditioned office door hide your Blu-Ray player if you don’t want me around…

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